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What fields of work is your company involved in?

Currently, our company works in two directions – exposition arrangement (we build stands, standardized and exclusive alike) and technical maintenance of expositions (we provide rental equipment and technical services during the exposition to make sure every piece of technology is utilized to its max effectiveness).
However, our professional activity is not limited to these directions. We also provide technical maintenance for a wide variety of events including official congresses, conferences, regional presentations, city forums, presentations of businesses, forums and even sports events, like world championship competitions... And more.
All of the subjects of our professional enterprises have several defining characteristics – they are high-end international or interregional business events that demand high-quality services.

You do construction. Is «F Service» a construction company? Does your company have licenses and permits to perform construction tasks?

Our organisation is not a construction company, we are in a different line of work – expo-stand construction. Although, we are members of SRO (permit № 1398.01-2015-6685061612-П-192) and we even have insured civil liability, just in case our work has any unexpected results.
In any case, our staff consists of qualified professionals with many years of work experience in technical maintenance of international trade fairs and stand construction. Our company is one of a kind and this is why it is difficult to compare it to some other company.
We have all the required permits and certificates for expo-stand construction, this is why we are successful in our professional endeavors. If needed, we can pass any revision of our technical projects paperwork with any organiser. All of our equipment is certified and is in accordance with fire regulations for expo-events.

How does your company enter a contract?

If we have come to an agreement on the subject of a contract and determined its price after preliminary negotiations in person, via mail or by phone, our specialists will prepare an official contract form as required by russian legislature, which they will send to you for signing via e-mail or as a regular letter(as you wish). If you or your company representatives have an office in Yekaterinburg – a meeting in person is also welcome at any convenient time when your and our representatives can sign the official contract for stand construction or any other subject.

Our company is taking part in an exhibition outside of Sverdlovsk Region...

"F Service" does not limit its activity by Sverdlovsk Region territory or Ural Federal Okrug. We build expo-stands throughout the entire Russian Federation. Call us, our managers in project department have all the details.

When should I start preparing for an exhibition? What minimal amount of time should be left before the construction begins to order an exclusive stand from your company?...

It's common knowledge that the preparations for an exhibition should be sorted in advance. We recommend beginning to prepare for an exhibition long before entering a contract with an exhibition operator. This will get you ready for any unexpected situations.
To order an exclusive stand from our company we recommend you do it at least one month before the construction begins. This will help you save your resources and will guarantee that you get exactly the expo-stand, you would like to see. However, we are open to consider any time range. Call us, our managers in project department have all the details.

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